Verbatim gigabit nas external hard drive 1tb firmware

verbatim gigabit nas external hard drive 1tb firmware

verbatim gigabit nas external hard drive 1tb firmware

Your Verbatim Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive is a versatile external hard drive featuring high-performance storage with an Ethernet interface. Once your drive is connected properly to your network, you will be able to use it as you would any hard drive for storing your data and for performing data back-up functions. Before you begin to use the NAS drive there are a few important things ...

Verbatim offers a complete line of external hard drive solutions for any application. Looking for portable storage? How about desktop security? Verbatim provides hard drives to meet any requirement: fast transfer speeds (USB 2.0, USB 3.0, firewire, esata), portable and lightweight...

SSD (Solid State Drives) External. Internal. Upgrade Kit. Hard Drives . Desktop. Portable. Accessories & Peripherals. Bluetooth® Speakers . Wireless Cube Bluetooth® Speaker; Wireless Mini Bluetooth® Speaker; Sync & Charge Cables . microUSB Cables; microUSB Cables with Lightning Adapter; Lightning Cables; Earphones . Listen & Talk Earphones ...

Verbatim Hard Drive Formatter is a maintenance and formatting tool that addresses users who have Verbatim external drives.. By using this program, they will be able to either convert the contents ...

The Verbatim Gigabit NAS Drive is compliant with the latest generation of high-speed wired networks and has an energy-efficient drive mode that saves power when the drive is not in use. Perfect for expanding your existing network storage, the Verbatim NAS Drive offers the secure back-up you need and the popular media function you want.

 · Verbatim 1TB Gigabit NAS External Hard Drive Review. Adding a Network Storage Device or NAS for short to your network, means you can easily access your files...

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