Upgrade the new firmware from pc to switch using tftp

upgrade the new firmware from pc to switch using tftp

upgrade the new firmware from pc to switch using tftp

 · Copy the image into the TFTP's root directory. Put an IP on your Laptop's ethernet NIC. Ex: Turn on the TFTP server application. Terminal into the switch and type the following commands: en. conf t. interface vlan 1. ip address no shut. interface fa0/1 (this may change depending on model of switch)

Upgrading the firmware using the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) utility is done if you cannot access the web-based setup page to do the upgrade. This may be used as a fix to non-working (bricked) routers but this solution may not work for all. IMPORTANT: Before you start the upgrade, ensure that the preliminary steps below have been performed.

 · To upload firmware using Windows TFTP: Download and save the router’s firmware onto the desktop of your computer. Make sure to extract the file from the zip folder. The firmware file format is either a .img or .chk file. Connect a PC wired to the router and set it to have a static IP address (example

 · To upgrade the firmware through TFTP, perform these steps: Extract and install the TFTP server software. Copy the downloaded image file for AP in the same directory where the TFTP is installed. To verify that the image is in the correct location, click on the Show Dir button, and verify that the image is listed along with other files.

 · Upgrade Firmware on a Switch through the CLI Download the Latest Firmware. In preparation for the upgrade process, download first the latest firmware of the switch. Follow the instructions below: Step 1. Go to the Cisco Downloads site. Step 2. Enter the model number of your device in the Search field and choose the exact model from the drop ...

 · This document describes the procedure to upgrade the software image on the Cisco Catalyst switch Layer 3 (L3) modules. Prerequisites Requirements. Cisco recommends that you have knowledge of these topics: TFTP and how to transfer files with this protocol. An understanding of how to set up a computer to be an TFTP server.

 · Switch-to-switch download to primary flash (Menu) Using the menu interface, you can download a switch software file from either the primary or secondary flash of one switch to the primary flash of another switch of the same series. 1. From the switch console Main Menu in the switch to receive the download, select 7. Download OS screen. 2 ...

 · In the Server interfaces field, select the LAN adapter of your computer. For Host field, enter the default router IP (usually For Port field, enter port 69 (it is the default port number for TFTP). For Local File, browse to the location of the downloaded firmware file and select it.

 · 1. make a folder in your PC name tftp-root in your C: drive, 2. put your file in there, 3. bind your PC IP to your tftp server. Otherwise the switch will not be able to find the tftp server. If all fail, you can copy Xmoden the file to your switch through your console cable. It will take quite some time depence on how big the file is.

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