Unifi cloud key superadmin account firmware section is missing

unifi cloud key superadmin account firmware section is missing

unifi cloud key superadmin account firmware section is missing

Once enabled, UniFi’s Cloud Service associates the UniFi administrator’s SSO login with the Cloud Key device. When a Cloud Key appears "Managed by Other" it typically indicates that the Cloud Key has been configured for remote use with a different SSO account. In some less common cases, a user may encounter an issue where their Cloud Key ...

This article applies to the UniFi Cloud Key, which should be updated to the latest stable firmware/controller version before troubleshooting further.; For best results, we recommend using the second generation of Cloud Keys (UCK-G2 and UCK-G2-PLUS) which offers greater stability and performance over the UniFi Cloud Key Gen1.

Cloud Key Gen2 Plus. If the UCK-Gen2-Plus was set up using the UniFi Protect mobile app, it will ask you to log in to your UI.com account (using your Ubiquiti SSO Cloud credentials) or to create an account at that time.In these cases, the UCK-Gen2-Plus management and SSH credentials will be username: "root"; and password: your SSO account password.

Solution Steps. Log in to your UVC-NVR locally via its IP address. If you don't know what the IP address of the NVR is, find it using the Ubiquiti Discovery Tool (Download Chrome App).Verify that you are logged in with the email address of the Super Admin as seen in the Users section of the UniFi Video Controller.; Check to make sure the NVR is still adopted via the NVR UI in Settings.

I have been running 5 AP from a locally hosted unifi controller via chrome on a computer in the network. I suspect that the unifi controller may be causing the computer to hang. Therefore, I would like to add a cloud key as acontroller. All are connected via a Ubiquiti power switch. I would like to

 · I accepted it and now see their cloud key in my portal. While digging around, I found that some tabs were missing under Settings and that their former IT guy is the Super Admin. I have admin access, but not Super Admin access. From what I read, this account is …

How do you update Cloud Key firmware remotely? UPDATE: I found it in the mobile app. I realized several of the cloud keys I set up (before moving to an AWS controller) aren't updating, with no place in UniFi to update the controller.

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In this section, you can enter a link that points to the new firmware version. Firmware .bin (or .tar for USGs) links can be found on our official Downloads page under the Firmware section, or within the Releases section in our Community. If using the Downloads page: 1. …

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