Tyt md-390 s13.32 firmware

tyt md-390 s13.32 firmware

tyt md-390 s13.32 firmware

MD-390 SOFTWARE 0321 . 2017-02-24. MD-380 SOFTWARE 0321 . 2017-02-20. TH-258 . 2017-02-14. USB Driver For analog radio . 2017-02-14. TC-3000A English Software . 2017-02-14. TH-UV8200 English software . 2017-01-11. TH-F2 Software . 2017-01-11 . MD-380 GPS software . 2016-12-20. Programming software for MD-38... 2016-12-07. TK-X1 软件 . 2016-12-07. TK-X1 SOFTWARE . …

Updating Firmware TYT MD-380 / MD-390 UV380 / UV390 DMR Transceiver by: John 'Miklor' July 2016 Rev. Aug-2019 This procedure is to assist with the loading of the latest firmware for your transceiver. Please take all precautions to assure you are loading the proper firmware for your radio. Load new and experimental software at your own risk. Here is the procedure for updating the Firmware of ...

TYT MD-390 Programming Software. Manual MD-390 User Maunal. FAQ TYT MD-390 Driver of Programming Cable. MD-390G. X. Manuals & Software. Here you will find user manuals, device drivers and softwares for a wide range of our products. Software MD-390G Programming Software. Manual MD-390G User Manual. FAQ TYT MD-390G Driver of Programming Cable . MD-680. X. Manuals & Software…

The patched firmware is known to work on the following devices: The “D”-Version (NoGPS) for radios without GPS. Tytera/TYT MD380; Tytera/TYT MD390; Retevis RT3; The “S”-Version (GPS) for radios with GPS. Tytera/TYT MD380; Tytera/TYT MD390; Retevis RT8; Both types of vocoder (old and new vocoder radios) are supported.

TYT MD-380 / MD-390 Experimental Firmware Features Explained I just wanted to highlight and comment on some of the features added to a TYT... TYT MD-390 Unboxing. TYT MD-390 Unboxing . Tytera TYT MD390. Looks like Tytera has a new radio out. MD390. Maybe this is why the 380 is now $125. GARY IP 67 GPS waterproof DMR radio MD-390 with GPS... Flahsing userdb.bin on Tytera …

TYT MD-UV380/390 - Miklor  outdoors hunting camping SHTF GMRS radio communications antenna battery electronics scanners digital computer software hardware laptop iPad iPhone eBay music radio . TYT MD-UV380 / 390 DMR Transceiver UHF 400-480 MHz VHF 136-174 MHz by: John 'Miklor' TYT MD-UV380 / UV390 Review ...

National wide Toll Free No:400-699-8858. Is the legal brand of Quanzhou TYT Electronics Co., Ltd.

NoGPS.bin firmware found in the downloaded ZIP file The patched firmware is known to work on the following devices The "D"-Version (NoGPS) for radios **without GPS** Tytera/TYT MD380 ; Tytera/TYT MD390; Retevis RT3; The "S"-Version (GPS) for radios **with GPS** Tytera/TYT MD380; Tytera/TYT MD390; Retevis RT8; Both types of vocoder are supported (old & new vocoder radios) Firmware …

This page contains programming software and firmware updates for various digital radios, including models from Connect Systems (CS580, CS700, CS750 and CS800), Tytera / TYT (MD-380 and MD-390), Baofeng (DM-5R), Retevis (RT3 and RT8) and Zastone (D900)

 · Then you can edit the Makefile in firmwares and add dos2unix D002.032.bin.md5 and dos2unix D002.032.zip.md5 before the md5sum commands to clean up the dos line endings. Uploading the Firmware. OK now you're ready to upload the firmware. Check for a newly created folder md380tools-yyyy-mm-dd with the current date. Inside you'll find your freshly patched firmware . And …

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