Telstra modem firmware 8a.58.129.5

telstra modem firmware 8a.58.129.5

telstra modem firmware 8a.58.129.5

Router Model: [email protected] 5355 Firmware Version: 8a.58.129.5 The bug: the router sometimes refuses the correct password until it is rebooted and sometimes the router has to be rebooted more than once to get rid of the bug and this bug is currently reoccurring hi there telstra, im just writing this to...

No - all Telstra modem firmware updates are unmetered. Can I update the Telstra modem firmware myself? We don’t support third-party firmware, or manufacturer firmware that we haven’t approved. If you try to update or alter your Telstra-supplied modem’s firmware yourself, you void the warranty.

Modem details: Firmware Version: 8a.58.129.5. Hardware Version FAST5355-A Software Version SG7E10001332 GUI Version Datapump Version A2pv6F039x6.d26r. Sometime last year about 14/09/2018 WhatsApp app would not connect voice calls. It would do the ringing phase, display message "connecting" and then drop the call. Some weeks later I confirmed other phones connected to my …

 · Just a follow-up to above. As at 1:35 PM today, I have Firmware Version: 8a.58.129.5 and Software Version: SG7E10001332. And I had another two outages today (Wed. 19/09/2018) at 12:51 and another at 1:01 PM. Is it worth posting excerpts from the log to see if there is anything suggested by the pattern? Cheers . ausgumbie

[ URGENT ] Telstra [email protected] 5355 Firmware Bug Report (8a.58.129.5) Router Model: [email protected] 5355Firmware Version: 8a.58.129.5 The bug: the router sometimes refuses the correct password until it is rebooted and sometimes the router has to be rebooted more than once to …

I have the above modem with the attached firmware and have been led to believe by Telstra Technical Support that unlike updating the firmware for other brands of modems that if there is a firmware issue like unable to actually access the modem dashboard to logon to the admin settings etc (at least once a week) that I have to get a new modem as updates cannot be done remotely like Netgear for ...

Hello. I have the [email protected] 5355 Modem and wondering if there's a more recent update than my current firmware version.. This is my current firmware version is - 8a.58.101.15. If there's an update can you provide me the download link as I have looked for a while on the net, yet cannot find it.

I was told that I may have a faulty router (by telstra) and that they would probably send me a new one. after that telstra contacted me via phone and stated that the lines are fine and speeds are fine. I haven't been contacted since about the router. so i'm trying to find out if this is a router issue. As of today I keep getting a message in the router about Line1 (prdorc02_5012269335129 ...

 · Mine too! 1 of our PC's since the firmware update has blue screen of death every time it connects to the internet now. Watchdog violation. (I was apart of a Telstra Beta trial a month ago for their Gaming Optimiser and our modem was upgraded to firmware 0.12.09r and the same thing happened) TOTALLY screwed our wifi, spent 3 days troubleshooting and had to get them to turn firmware back …

To view and edit your Telstra-supplied modem settings, such as Wi-Fi Network Name, Password and DNS Settings, you need to know your modem’s default address - or home page. Here are two options for finding it: Option 1. Find your Telstra modem’s default address: 1. Ensure your modem is connected and you have a green Wi-Fi light . 2. Use a computer or tablet to connect to your Wi-Fi home ...

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