Synscan v3 hand controller useless after firmware update failed

synscan v3 hand controller useless after firmware update failed

synscan v3 hand controller useless after firmware update failed

 · I too had trouble updating my hand controller to the latest firmware version. I was connecting it to my computer using a serial to usb cable, but it would not update. After reading advice from other users on this site, I decided that it was probably the usb to serial cable. Fortunately my partners computer had a serial port. After connecting my hand set to the serial port the update went …

 · Disconnect the hand set. Hold down buttons 0 and 8 and plug the power supply into the hand set (whilst still holding the buttons down). The hand set will display INITIALIZING and then go on to display the firmware version loaded. It will also bleep for a short while. Release the buttons. Give it a few seconds and then disconnect the power supply.

 · Tried to update software on handset from V3.25 by pressing 0 and 8 on power up and get V1.7 which I believe is correct but still no PC connection. The most current version of the Synscan firmware is v3.39.05, the v1.7 refers to the handsets bootloader firmware.

 · I have been attempting to update my SynScan V3 Hand Controller from V3.08 to latest version. Handset bootloader is V1.7. Unfortunately I just get the message “Can not connect to SynScan hand control”. I have looked at numerous forums and tried everything that has been suggested (including older versions of firmware installer), but getting ...

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 · Disappointments with SynScan controller on Sirius - posted in Mounts: I have an old Orion Sirius mount with a v2.05 SynScan hand controller. Due to the age, SkySafari on iOS or my ASIAir cant seem to talk to it. I had the chance to try out a v4 SynScan controller from my local Orion store. Here is what I found 1) The cable from the package to connect the hand controller to the mount was ...

 · My unit was on firmware rev. 3.12 and never updated. After a rebuild I tried to flash it to the current non-EQ version, which is 3.20, using the Synscan Pro app on an iPhone, across the wifi link to the AZGTi. The flash failed part-way through, and foolishly I cycled the power as instructed by the MCU update app, and tried again. The AZGTi ...

 · I have never updated the firmware and thought while i had everything connected i would update the Hand Controller and the skywatcher WiFi dongle. Everything updated first time without issue and i was pleased to be up to date. However i loaded SynScan app on the pc which connected fine through the handset and USB/Serial adaptor cable. I clicked on the movement arrows and nothing …

This new SynScan Hand Controller firmware release is an update from the previous SynScan Firmware Version 04.39.05. What's new in this update? 1. Update and correct the key-pressed slewing speed when key pressed in Rate 1 to Rate 8 in Alt/Dec axis, especially for those mounts, which have different gear-ratios in both axes including Sky-Watcher Discovery, Stargate 500 (20") SynScan, …

 · After alignment failed again park command returns the scope to a weird angle. I also tried unlocking clutches and moving OTA by hand to the designated star to start, but then again 2nd & 3rd slew was miles off. Halp . Edited February 8, 2010 by johnrt. Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. Bobcat 10 Bobcat 10 Nebula; Members; 10 60 posts; Location: Leicestershire; Posted February ...

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