Surface book firmware update failed battery 0 not charging

surface book firmware update failed battery 0 not charging

surface book firmware update failed battery 0 not charging

 · Surface Book tablet battery 0% and not charging I've tried numerous fixes suggested online, including various special power resets, uninstalling battery drivers and even a factory reset. All to no avail. The laptop battery, which Windows identifies as battery 1, is 0% and not charging. I bought this machine in June 2016, so it is out of warranty. But when I buy an expensive laptop, I expect to ...

 · I bought surface book around 1.5 years ago.everything was going good but from few days ago I am having the trouble of battery 1 not charging issue. battery 2 is alright but when I plugged in for charging the charging status shows that battery 2 is charging but battery 1 is 0% and not charging. I can't detach the tablet and use it

 · Hi all, After a period of weirdness described in another thread, Battery 2 finally got stuck on "0% and not charging". I tried following the steps in Microsoft's troubleshooter to no avail. Is there anything else I should try, or will I have to have it replaced (again)? Thanks.

If you’re having problems charging your Surface Book, make sure the screen is fully attached to the keyboard. The Detach key has a flashing green light if the screen and keyboard are not connected properly. If it still won’t charge, remove the screen and clean the connectors. Clean the pins on the connector with a pencil eraser. Rub the eraser back and forth across the pins. Wet a cotton ...

 · exactly the same problem as Surface Book - Can't charge battery 2. Battery 2 (screen) is full (sometimes it is re-detected) but usually the only message I have is "0% and not charging" and I can't detach it anymore. I can't boot (complete boot - not hibernation) without a power supply (the screen shows an empty battery message)

 · Surface Book - Battery 1: 0% and Not Charging I'm using my Surface Book with ALL the updates installed (as of March 8, 2016), and my Microsoft power supply, but the keyboard battery (#1) will not charge. I usually use it with the dock / port replicator connected to external keyboard and mouse and a second monitor, but I get this same behavior disconnected and using the original Surface power ...

If you enable Battery Limit while the device is above 50% charge, the Battery icon will show that the device is plugged in but discharging until the device reaches 50% of its maximum charge capacity. Supported devices . The Battery Limit UEFI setting is built into the latest Surface devices including Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3. Earlier devices require a Surface UEFI firmware update ...

If the battery charges above 40 percent after you reinstall the driver, try installing updates again. If your battery still won’t charge above 40 percent, your Surface might need service. Go to Surface troubleshooting and support for more info.

This battery firmware update utility fixes an issue where some batteries indicate an incorrect full charge capacity value.

Improvements and fixes in the update; Known issues and additional information about Surface Book 2; How to get the update. Surface updates are released in stages – not every Surface will receive the update at the same time, but it’ll be delivered to all devices. If you haven’t received an update, see Install Surface and Windows updates.

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