Latest ionic firmware version site

latest ionic firmware version site

latest ionic firmware version site

Hello Ionic family! We’re excited to announce the release of Fitbit OS 4.1.2.. We started releasing this new update to customers. This is a progressive rollout which means everyone will receive it at different stages until it has been completely released to all users. We roll out releases in phases as a cautionary measure so that we can monitor performance closely and make adjustments if needed.

 · We've started rolling out Fitbit OS 4.2 Firmware Update (71.6.19) for Ionic. We release firmware updates to all customers in phases. The update will be available to everyone soon, and a banner will appear in the app when you can install the update. …

The Fitbit Community is a gathering place for real people who wish to exchange ideas, solutions, tips, techniques, and insight about the Fitbit products and services they love. By joining our Community, you agree to uphold these guidelines, so please take a moment to look them over. Learn the Basics. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for information on Community features, and tips ...

My ionic says How to make sure this is the latest version and if not how to get the latest version (steps)? Thanks

FIRMWARE VERSION This release includes an update to the Fitbit OS. For more information, see What's changed in the latest Fitbit OS update? Points to the above statement. I guess its time to start the guessing game again.

I’ve just purchased an ionic and it doesn’t seem to want to update. It currently has installed and says the device is up to date. When I connected to my phone, it apparently did an update then but my understanding is that the current version is ~7x? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers. I am using iOS Fitbit …

 · My ionic firmware version is 2725.12.14, but i got a message saying firmware is out of date. Anyone know what the latest version is?

 · Hi @Aleman, welcome to the Community Forums! Thanks for your post and the details that were shared. Just as mentioned in your post, the latest Inspire HR firmware version is 1.84.5, therefore, I recommend you to learn more about how to update the firmware version of your Fitbit device with the information that's specified on this help article.

Before you begin the firmware update, charge your device and confirm you have the latest version of the Fitbit app installed on your phone or tablet. Note the following: If you update your device at midnight (when your step count resets) you may see an inaccurate step count for 24 hours. Updates may take up to an hour or more to complete. Let the Fitbit app run in the background on your phone ...

Get started with your new Fitbit tracker or scale by setting up your device and downloading and installing our free software.

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