How to add custon firmware to psp

how to add custon firmware to psp

how to add custon firmware to psp

 · The custom firmware you put in your PSP depends on what firmware you currently have installed. To see what you have, go to "Settings» System Settings» System Information". I had version 6.60 (the most recent). After this, plug the PSP into your computer.

Well on your freshly modded PSP the first thing you should do is format your memory stick (with the psp). Then plug it into the computer and you should see some new folders: ISO - This is where you put your OWN PERFECTLY LEGAL NOT DOWNLOADED GAMES ;) seplugins - This is the plugins folder, I will explain more of this in the next step. PSP>GAME4/5XX - This is where you put your Homebrew apps ...

 · Hi guys, Tech James here, In this updated tutorial, I will show you guys how to install 6.61 Custom Firmware Infinity Permanent onto your PSP 1000/2000/3000....

 · PSP Custom Firmware 3.52 M33 Installation By [email protected]

 · PS3 Install Custom Firmware On 4.82! Easy Install Tutorial! Ferrox! *Please check your PS3 model number on the back of the console.* REMOVE any Disc game ins...

You got a new PSP, you want to run homebrews and backups, but you’re lost with all the terms CFW, HEN, M33, Pro CFW… or you’re simply looking for a quick and easy guide...

 · Copy the CIPL_Flasher from the Pro C2 firmware you downloaded to the PSP > Game folder on the memory card, then run the application from your PSP to make the custom firmware permanent. You can now power your PSP off and still have custom firmware when you power it on again, that's is your PSP is permanently hacked. The only thing that will remove this is by upgrading to …

It was only a few days ago when we posted about how the PS3 was pwned for life.And now, KaKaRoTo has released some tools that will allow you to install your very own custom firmware on the PlayStation 3. This seems to be the first step towards installing third-party applications and Linux, which was promised by the fail0verflow team.

 · In this video, I show you how to EASILY Mod your PSP 1000 & 2000 Models.This will not work for the PSP street version. Links Of...

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