Games that require above 5.05 firmware

games that require above 5.05 firmware

games that require above 5.05 firmware

 · According to sheet till now 5436 games have been released for PS4. 1469 games will add from 5.05 to 6.72 firmware. Here I mentioned top 20 PS4 games for OFW 6.72 or you can say some noted games such as popular, all-time play and exclusive games. Top 20 PS4 Games for 5.05 to 6.72. Game Name: P. Version: Update : Size: Release Date: Marvel’s Spider-Man – Game Of the Year …

 · Hi admin, Tested Downporter with every game update to work on 5.05, but it doesn’t work for updates, please make a message for everyone that downporter doesn’t work for updates yet, it’s only for the base games at the moment. So don’t go with updates for 5.05, wait or update to 6.72.

 · Well no need to wonder anymore as there is a great list that has been compiled for the community titled detailing various games and their Firmware Requirements. The list is not complete and @Derf Jagged has asked me to give this list some promotion to get the word out about this useful resource, so that other's can contribute as well to help make this a much more complete list.

So the games that are close to a certain FW version may or may not work on the FW version before it. For example, God of War was released (April 20, 2018) after FW 5.53 (April 12, 2018), but God of War is playable on FW 5.05 (January 17, 2018).

No, if the game requires a higher firmware than 5.05 then you're SOL for now. There is technically a way to play new games on older firmwares (as long as the game doesn't take advantage of a new feature) but in order to do that the newer game has to be able to be dumped, which would require an exploit on a newer firmware.

 · No , Hen has nothing to do what firmware games are allowed to played on, some 5.05 games can be played on 4.55 I believe, but nothing 5.50 and above can be played on 5.05 …

For those on 5.05 contemplating on whether they should update to player some of the newer games; patching higher firmware games is now possible so they will be playable on firmware 5.05. There are some games that show issues and cause errors when backported, although much progress is being made daily to increase the number of games that can be backported to 5.05. It is currently difficult to ...

 · Following the PS4 5.05 Kernel Exploit release, TheRadziu (aka @AluPL) shared a guide on dumping PS4 5.05 DLC, games, updates and PlayStation 4 themes. To quote from TheRadziu on NGR with the details: Here is my attempt at dumping tutorial, especially that there are no DLC dumping tutorials, so here is the very first one Game/Patch Dumping: You'll need: ...

All my other games work just fine so the issue is related to this firmware issue. I'll be leaving my config file here and my tai folder, maybe you'll see something I'm missing and you might be able to help me out. I am spoofing 3.71. Thanks in advance! P.S. Just realized "Peasant Knight", a game that requires 3.69, is working so I have no idea ...

 · Piracy is a thing on hacked PS4s 4.05, but is currently limited to older games.Any games that requires a firmware higher than 4.05 cannot be pirated at the moment. Related: How to get your hands on a PS4 running 4.05 or lower The explanation was published on pastebin, and according to Barthen’s writeup, all there is to do is to patch two locations of the binary, then repackage the game.

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