Dji firmware update version 1.9.3

dji firmware update version 1.9.3

dji firmware update version 1.9.3

 · I was told to update the firmware to 1.9.3, but in my display dji go 4, it just shows under overall status that updated required and "Abnormal" Warning, but when I tap in, there is nothing available in the page. Now the led light is solid red, I could hardly see the video display. it seems that RC is connected to aircraft, because I can take off and tilt the camera. Li, please connect the RC ...

DJI GO 4. Capture the world from above. Compatible with the Mavic Series, Spark, Phantom 4, and more.

1. Users are advised to update the firmware version to v1.1.9, otherwise future firmware will not be able to install. 2. Users may skip updating the remote controller if they have already updated the firmware to v1.1.8, as the latest firmware update does not affect the remote controller.

DJI GO app iOS version updated to: v2.0.0. What’s New: 1. Added HD Video Conversion option in the video editor when cutting footage to video. 2. Automatic photo syncing of the compressed file to your mobile device. 3. Added option to downgrade the aircraft firmware (remote controller version will be released soon). Bug Fixes: 1.

 · I bought a phantom 3 advanced without the controller. I then bought a controller off of ebay. The controllers current firmware is 1.1.8 . I need to use an sd card to update it to 1.3.20 so i can use the dji go app to update it from there but i cant find it anywhere. Does anyone know where i can find that outdated firmware? Thanks a ton. This comunity has helped me so much! -Izak

DJI, Just a heads up that you should post this newest DIJ FPV Firmware Release (v01.00.0400) on the main page of the "FPV" system like the other firmware releases. It's not there yet and came out several days ago. Regards,

DJI - Phantom 3 Tutorial - Updating The Firmware. 2015-05-21. DJI Tutorial: How to edit and share videos using the DJI GO app . 2015-08-18. Load more Showcase. DJI - Introducing the Phantom 3. 2015-04-08. DJI Phantom 3 - “A New Perspective” 2015-04-08. DJI Phantom 3 - "To Not Yield" 2015-04-08. DJI Phantom 3 - "A Map to the Stars" 2015-04-08. DJI Phantom 3 - "Fire & Ice" 2015-04-08. DJI ...

If the Remote Controller firmware version is lower than 1.3.20, update it to 1.3.20 using the USB interface (use either a USB flashdisk or USB SD card reader). If the Remote Controller firmware version is higher than 1.3.20, connect the app to upgrade. Did this help answer your questions? Yes / No. 5. How long does it take to charge a Phantom 3 remote controller? It takes 2.5-3 hours to charge ...

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