Discrete tpm vs firmware tpm asus

discrete tpm vs firmware tpm asus

discrete tpm vs firmware tpm asus

 · Firmware TPM is not the same as Discrete TPM, but nor is it the same as Integrated TPM. My understanding is that a Firmware TPM is a software only solution relying on TXT for security (this works on quite a lot of old hardware) whereas Integrated TPM is a physical TPM embedded within the CPU chip, and this only exists in some new hardware.

same here, absolutely, we need a TPM firmware upgrade for discrete TPMs. 10-19-2017, 04:16 PM. CodeSlicer. Asus firmware update needed. Quote: Originally Posted by Korth. There's many different kinds of TPMs. The whole point is that they're unique and "unhackable" cryptomodules, "one-of-a-kind" keys which sometimes also contain part of the lock mechanism. The ones I'm familiar with cannot be ...

 · Either the discrete TPM chip is in your trusted computing base (TCB) or the "firmware" is, which really means the operation of the embedded ARM …

 · So, is Asus going to issue a firmware update for the Infineon TPM modules produced under its name, in light of the recently released security bulletin from our friends at Microsoft, or is this a case where we will have to so without, or buy entirely new modules?

 · Only a discrete part will be able to meet security standard. However, advances in on processor technologies combined with the flexibility of the TPM protocols mean that it is possible to implement the TPM as an integrated solution or in firmware. Hope this provided enough clarity for your query! Best regards, Mithun.

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 · @ASUS it's not acceptable that you're letting the community fix. I've also followed a similar procedure to update a Dell XPS 13 9360 TPM which was officially provided by Dell. Not sure why ASUS can't do the same. EDIT: As an official TPM-M firmware update was posted by ASUS before this post was made I withdraw the remark above. Apologies to ASUS.

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