Current firmware for magellan explorist gc

current firmware for magellan explorist gc

current firmware for magellan explorist gc

New Firmware Update for the Magellan GC. Updated Firmware to Version 2.15 on current eXplorist GC model to make the following improvements – version 2.15 Improvements; - UI Improvement - Support Groundspeak Geocache Favorites - Allow to disable Awards & Merit Badges - Supports additional post-sale National Geographic and Digital Globe Maps - New Preloaded Map - Shaded Relief for Map - …

 · Yea, the Magellan website can be a real mess to navigate to. If you click on the promo site for the GC here then click on firmware upgrade, it will give you Firmware 1.6, which is over 2 years old. You have to REALLY dig around to find the latest firmware. And all their pictures of the GC still show the original screen.

The eXplorist GC supports paperless geocaching, which allows you to download more than 20 unique characteristics of each cache, including name, location, description, hider, size, difficulty, terrain, hint, spoilers, attributes, and last 20 user logs among a number of other details. eXplorist GC comes with the most popular geocaches pre-loaded to provide a unique out of box experience. You can ...

Download free GPS software for your Magellan eXplorist GC GPS! EasyGPS is the free, easy way to upload and download waypoints, routes, and tracks between your Magellan eXplorist GC GPS and your Windows computer or laptop. Backup your favorite Magellan POIs, create and send new waypoints and geocaches to your GPS, or print a map of your GPS tracklog. To get started, download your free copy …

Do not connect your eXplorist to your PC until instructed to do so by the Update Wizard. ... the device has been updated to the latest version of software. Press Finish on your PC to exit the Update Wizard. More info This is the latest software update for your Magellan device, and brings changes and improvements to the system software on your unit. This version includes the following ...

Explorist Forum -- Over 1000 Members -- Assistance to Users of the Magellan Explorist X10 Handheld GPS Units or Triton and Magellan Explorist GC 110 310 510 610 710 GPS, corroded Battery Contacts Service Repair Center for the Magellan Explorist 510 610 710

 · I believe these are the most current firmware versions available for the Explorist 400. If you spot mistakes, please offer corrections: ... I saw linked in another forum topic that has some eXplorist firmware files stored. I won't link to it because of concerns raised by Lee. Like Lee, I wasn't able to get to non-NA firmware on Magellan's site without ending up on a registration screen. I don ...

Using the Magellan eXplorist GC receiver you can create a geocache and submit it to using the Magellan VantagePoint software described under Installing Pocket Queries. Installing Geocaches to with VantagePoint 1. Save a geocache to your GPS receiver.

 · Deleted Firmware - Explorist 110 Sign in to follow this . Followers 2. Deleted Firmware - Explorist 110 . By decreag, March 25, 2019 in GPS. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts +decreag 0 decreag 0 Premium Member +Premium Members; 0 6 posts; Posted March 25, 2019. So I was a dope and was trying to clean out my GPS and deleted the firmware off the unit. I spoke with Magellan ...

 · GC-M0D is a custom firmware for the Magellan eXplorist GC that greatly improves overall usability. It is based upon eXplorist 310 firmware and has been modified by me.

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